This Is What Happens When You Open A Restaurant In Your Dorm Room


Posted on: December 7, 2015

NEW YORK — We’ve only been in Jonah Reider’s dorm room kitchen a few minutes when a young man in a blue pea coat scurries past, gaze averted. He’s already out the door before this reporter can ask what he makes of his roommate installing a restaurant in the middle of the common area of their three-bedroom suite.

“I think they’re just kind of shocked that this has become such a thing and I totally get that,” 21-year-old Reider explains rather ruefully.

That “thing” is biweekly a supper club of sorts called Pith, where it’s now nearly impossible to get a reservation (full disclosure: I earlier tried unsuccessfully myself). High-profile features in outlets like The New Yorker and the Grub Street food blog have only further swelled the waiting list to nab a coveted seat at this Ikea table in Columbia University’s Hogan Hall — it stands at about 2,000, according to Reider.


Even on an Ivy League campus presumably rife with overachievers, running your own eatery on top of the demands of an independent-study track in economics and sociology seems extraordinary. So on a chilly Thursday evening in November, MTV News traveled to Morningside Heights, where Reider satiated our curiosity by letting us watch him prepare the night’s multi-course meal — and nibble on a few tasty appetizers — before swiftly kicking us out once his guests arrived.


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